Breaking news: we welcome Thoughtleader Jurgen Appelo to the Wemanity family!

Breaking news: we welcome Thoughtleader Jurgen Appelo to the Wemanity family!

Management 3.0 autor and inspirator Jurgen Appelo joins Europe’s largest Agile community.


Helping organizations to innovate at scale and helping people to build the Agile mindset is our core business. So is the core business of Agility Scales by Jurgen Appelo. Why not join forces to help teams develop true agility? After Arie van Bennekum, co-author of the Agile Manifesto and Agile Thoughtleader of our team, Jurgen is joining the community’s adventure. Welcome aboard Jurgen!

A little more on Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen is a speaker, writer and most of all pioneering management to help organizations survive and thrive the 21st century. As author of Management 3.0 he knows best how to make teams work and that involving everyone within the organization is key to improving the system. He believes that management is not only the managers responsibility, it’s everyone’s job, and we couldn’t agree more. “Wemanity has been a fan of Management 3.0 since the beginning and uses a lot of his practices in daily routines (such as  Delegation Board, Moving Motivators, etc..). So we are very happy to team up with the designer himself!” says our founder Jean-Christophe Conticello.


Innovate together  – Same values and Agile mindset

Joining Wemanity, Jurgen becomes part of our community with great knowledge, experience and pragmatic expertise. ”I am super excited to join your community of like-minded people, inspire them, get inspired, and together help more teams and organizations to get where they want to go” says Jurgen Appelo. Via our joined forces we help teams develop Agile mindsets faster.


Jurgen will be helping Wemanity to bring new, innovative and disruptive management 3.0 practices to the team on one side, while we help Jurgen kickstart his multiple companies, such as Happy Melly and Agility Scales. Wemanity becomes shareholders in these companies in order to continue the acceleration of Management 3.0 and Agile Transformations all over the world. Alongside the energy and dynamism of our community, Wemanity offers him financial, entrepreneurial and organizational support.


New: Agile transformation platform Mind Settlers

“Thousands of good ideas and best practices for Agile transformations exist, however finding the ones that match your organizations or team specifically in books, workshops and powerpoints is nearly impossible”, says Jurgen Appelo. In an attempt to improve this, he looked at the way we nowadays consume information. There are crowdsourced platforms for everything from traffic to recipes and from blog posts to podcasts. So why not a platform for Agile practices? If we take Agile practices, games and tips into smartphones and tablets, we can make this the new standard to share and get information on Agile practices. Create the Netflix of business processes. An app named Mind Settlers was born. A platform for crowdsourced business agility: with peer-to-peer guides that makes work better, faster and easier.

A global marketplace for business processes doesn’t exist yet, but has huge potential. By making use of machine learning and crowdsourcing data and practices Mind Settlers enables you to master Agile habits while keeping track of transformation progress. With this app people with ideas for change can literally take ownership and responsibility for their ideas. The app makes it possible for coaches all over the world to learn from each other, and enables Agile professionals to share, try-out and showcase their methods and best practices. Wemanity joins forces with Mind Settlers and steps into the platform to bring the app to the next level and help teams develop true agility in businesses. Tons of knowledge, best practices, games and tips on Agile will be added to the platform, which both Mindsettlers and Wemanity will benefit from.


Join the worthy cause

Wemanity truly believes in the app and the partnership and we go all-out to make the app a success. That’s why Wemanity has recently become shareholder in order to accelerate the growth of the company. Are you as excited about the Waze of Work as we are? Join us! The funding campaign runs until January 31 and via the crowdfund campaign page you can participate and be part of the future of work.
Welcome aboard!
Wemanity is very happy to welcome the Thoughtleader on Management 3.0 into the community. Jurgen Appelo will frequently inspire, share his views and showcase his best practices to our teams and clients. We’re flattered to have an international the Thoughtleader on Management 3.0 on board. Together we unleash the true potential of people and businesses. Let’s start designing the future workplace!


Upcoming events that Jurgen will attend to:

  • Agilist Sans Frontières
    When? March 24. Where? The Netherlands
  • Spark the Change 2018  
    When? June 2018. Where? Paris, France
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