A Glimpse into the Wemanity Experience: What Are Culture Totems?

A Glimpse into the Wemanity Experience: What Are Culture Totems?

It has been nearly a year since the Culture POD was born at WeNation.
A POD? What’s that? What for? I can hear you from where I sit 😉

That’s exactly why we created this team: to make our culture tangible (and understandable) to all our cooperators, entities and subsidiaries.
In other words, we implement our tools, vocabulary, values, best practices and mindset to infuse “the way we do things around here” as WeCitizens, no matter the borders.

No “copy/paste” here, it’s not the recipe that makes you a pastry chef right?
Everything depends on one’s ability to adapt to the team and to the market specifications… Seems like it rings a bell to all the Agile frameworks we know hum? Scrum and Lean recipes, SaFe ones, Less… All of them can potentially create great cakes that’s true, but it is by adapting to our clients’ tastes and needs that one will find the best formula ever. Well, that’s the same with culture: We have our very own one 🙂

Hopefully, many talents choose to join our ecosystem, and we welcome them warmly! Joining us is diving into a deep human adventure: Don’t take the step if you enjoy your comfy daily life (or if you’re not ready to challenge it).

At Wemanity, we do our best to make you live THE Wemanity experience… and our roads might cross each other one of these days during a very specific onboarding ritual: The Culture Totem.

The Why? To make you experience our values within you and to align together

If you’re one of our newcomers, it means we are confident enough in the fact that we share a similar mindset and values to change the world of working through Agile, Innovation, and Cooperation. You passed the selections, congrats!
By making you live our culture during your very first day, we wave our flag together and align on what matters the most to us: Sharing the same mindset, and not just payroll.

The How? By Co-Building the Culture Totem with Lego Serious Play & symbols

Onboarding at Wemanity – where teamwork and creativity collide!

Just remind yourself what a Tribe is…
Now think about the Totem’s signification…

A Tribe is a group of people, often of related families, who live together, sharing a common language, culture, and history.Many tribes also hold the belief that their people have Tribe Totems that are guides, often in the form of animals.

These Tribe Totems, or guides, walk through life with them, teaching, guiding them and protecting them when facing adversity. Totems all had a special meaning, characteristics, and significance.

Well, now that the newcomers are entering our tribe of WeCitizens, their mission, if they accept it, is to co-build their very own totem. Not only with Wemanity’s values but also the ones that are really important to them to bring their contribution and by representing their values, symbols and culture to be spread around.

The What? Our Values!

We often end up with beautiful Totems full of sense, symbols and the curse of Legos blocked under our feet…. but above all, we live and experience our values as they are: Goodness, Continuous Improvement & Quality, Disruption & Quality, Fun, Cooperation & Sharing.

(For more information about this workshop, feel free to contact me at mperchet@wemanity.com – I’ll be happy to share!)

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