Quiz: How agile is your organisation?

Quiz: How agile is your organisation?

Result… “It’s a start, but you really need to make a strong case for where you want to go from here!”

How do you measure ‘how agile is your organisation’ and create an action plan to improve your chances of delivering business value?

I’ve noticed five key questions that can give an instant indication. (These are taken from an 85 line ‘How Agile Are You?’ questionaire that takes just an hour to complete)

For a snapshot, answer the questions, add up your scores and see the results at the bottom of the page:

1) Technical infrastructure and ‘IT’ support your teams’ collaborative working efforts:

  1. Somewhat (1pt)
  2. They do, but we have to help out (2pts)
  3. Actively (3pts)


2) Your approach to visualising work in progress is:

  1. Working spaces are organised with visualisation in mind (3pts)
  2. The team has a whiteboard or wall in their area (1pt)
  3. There’s space in a collaborative or shared area (2pts)


3) When it comes to deployment:

  1. Continuous integration allows rapid roll-back (2pts)
  2. Continuous delivery is automated and its business benefit clear (3pts)
  3. There’s a deployment process that is adhered to (1pt)


4) Project viability is reviewed:

  1. At gated boundaries (e.g. prototype, alpha, beta…) (1pt)
  2. From increment to increment, with issues triggering reassessment (2pts)
  3. On a continuous basis and the methods/metrics are clear (3pts)


5) Day-to-day reporting against business value is:

  1. Based on team-level reviews and metrics agreed by teams (2pt)
  2. Extracted from the team and delivered in isolation (1pt)
  3. Understood by the business, data-led and trackable to the team level (3pts)



Less than 5pts: You did not recognise your organisation in some of the questions, but maybe now you see how you might begin to be more agile.

5 pts: It’s a start, but you really need to make a strong case for where you want to go from here!

6-10 pts: There are some strong foundations. I see gaps to fill if you want to ‘be agile’ rather than just ‘doing agile’.

11-15 pts: You are doing well, but how will you fare in the full survey?

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